Cheese Head volunteer featured in local paper

The Jimmy Carter Work Project may have ended a few months ago, but the volunteers are still making noise! Patrick Poehler was recently featured in his local paper The Journal Times. In his interview the Wisconsin native, (where the Superbowl bound Green Bay Packers are from!) Poehler talked about his experience with the volunteer Habitat for Humanity project in Los Angeles. Here are some features from his interview in his words:

Why is it Important (Jimmy Carter Work Project)
Very few people have the opportunity to work on the Jimmy Carter Project held each year and few even get the chance to meet Mr. Carter. Only a few receive the chance to actually work with him. It was a huge honor. Mr. Carter is 84 years old and will not be doing this much longer. he is a great humanitarian and is helping to build decent, affordable housing for people in need in the United States and many other countries.

To read the rest of this interview check it out at the Journal Times Online.

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