Annual Fine Art Event in Manhattan Beach Helps Build More Affordable Homes in L.A.

Art/House 2008 is this weekend! Did you know that Beach Cities Friends started with some friends in the South Bay of Los Angeles throwing parties to raise money for our Habitat for Humanity affiliate? Yes, and now 8 years later, they have been one of our most successful partnerships, having sponsored six homes!

The Art/House event is a silent auction that brings together the community to bid on 100% donated works of fine art from major artists and rising stars. Last year's event raised over $60,000 - enough to build 1/2 of a single family Habitat home in Los Angeles! Can you imagine raising that much money in just a few hours and having a great time doing it?

If this sounds good, follow the lead of the Beach Cities Friends and bring your friends together to raise money for a cause or organization that is important to you! If you wish to work with Habitat for Humanity, contact us and we'll even attend your event to talk about how we operate and how you all can help.

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