Is Habitat for Humanity in Fashion?

You can imagine how cool we feel when a company like Kenneth Cole says they want to feature our Habitat for Humanity affiliate on their blog. The folks who run the Kenneth Cole blog recently found a photo at the website of one of our volunteers and former publicist, Mary Catherine Hamelin. They asked if she would allow them to run the photo and if she'd send a blog post to accompany it, which of course she did.

This photo is from a pretty special build event back in 2006 at a local elementary school, where students raised enough money to send a home to the Gulf. It was part of Operation Home Delivery, a home-in-a-box program that helped to get the Gulf region back on its feet in the year following Katrina. Since supplies and resources were scarce there, Habitat affiliates from all over the U.S. framed homes and packaged them up and shipped them to the affected areas. Upon arrival, partner families would complete their homes with the help of local volunteers.

Besides being a great way to help residents in the Gulf, the program allowed donors from all over to see and touch what their donations helped build. Pretty cool.

This past week President and Mrs. Carter were in the Gulf area building as part of their annual Carter Work Project. There is still a long way to go in rebuilding what Katrina and Rita took away, but thankfully, we have great volunteers, donors and so much hope!

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