Power Women, Power Tools = Powerful

I'm Michelle, and through my summer internship I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity "Power Women, Power Tools" event on Friday and Saturday.

While there I found that the many reasons people first come out to build, whether it is community service hours, good publicity, or that they were dragged out by friends, are far different from the reasons they stay.

These friendly, powerful women put up the first floor walls on three homes in two days and those who had never built before were sweaty and empowered by the time their shift was done. On the build site there are no complaints or tired faces, only excited energized ones that are having fun while changing lives by building a home for hard working families.

During the lunch time speeches one of the women who received a home through Habitat for Humanity spoke of her experience. These stories are always the ones that make everyone feel even more like being dirty and sweaty is all worthwhile. I have only seen three speeches given by Habitat homeowners and all have been inspiring and touching.

It’s difficult to describe Lulu's emotion or how truly thankful she is without listening to her words and seeing her face, but through them it is evident how much her life has been strengthened due to the many volunteers that help with Habitat for Humanity.

This was my first time going to a Habitat for Humanity build site, and it is easy to see why people become so passionate about the cause. All the women were amazing and did an exceptional job. It is so incredible to see the progress everyone made in just two days and it’s something that I think is so much fun to be a part of. And maybe while the reason you will come out is to get those community service hours done, they won’t be the reason you keep building.

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