Habitat Home Improvement Store Celebrates 4 Years of Reuse

Four years ago we opened our Home Improvement store in Gardena to resell donated items to the public as a way of generating more revenue to build more homes. We had no idea how successful the store would be or the impact we'd have on the environment and community.

By donating your unwanted household and buiding materials to our store, the public has diverted several thousand tons of materials from our landfills. It's amazing how much of a difference we have all made togther in four years.

Our store is also very popular with the community, some folks stop by daily to check out the new arrivals. We have seen some pretty cool stuff come through our doors like Barry Bonds hot tub, movie sets, classic novels, artwork, patio furniture, windows, doors, flooring and appliances that were never installed.

By donating and shopping at our store, you can help us build more decent, affordable homes in Greater L.A. because 100% of proceeds go back into building homes.

If you haven't visited our Home Improvement Store, please stop by and check it out. We are open Tuesday through Saturday. And if you have items to donate, just call Nicki and she'll arrange for a pick up. Heck, we'll even take your non-working vehicles!

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