Mike Bunin of TBS's "My Boys" Says Habitat is the Best Reason to Get Up Early.

"I am where I was supposed to be today."

- Mike Bunin

Mike Bunin joined "My Boys" cast, producers and writers for a volunteer day last week organized by Kyle Howard. The team of about 15 volunteers turned out for what would be a very hot and rewarding day. He shares his story with us:

This is my first time building with Habitat and I really didn’t know what to expect. I kind of imagined a big dog, little dog scenario and that I’d be a little dog. But we showed up this morning and they put all of us dogs right to work. It’s been fun to be so hands-on too.

Today I’ve been doing some deconstruction, there was a closet upstairs that needed to be enlarged so I was removing wood, measuring and cutting more wood so we could redo it the right size. I have also been working on some door frames, cutting wood and putting in support beams. A whole lot of framing, hammering and lifting basically. I did enjoy using a skill saw for the first time, that was cool. I understood most of the lingo on the job site but I chuckled when I heard some guys working on a chalk line, because I used to create the chalk lines in little league.

It’s not surprising that our cast, writers and producers are out here having so much fun. Since the first day Kyle asked us to build, the entire team was on board. I knew that anyone who could be here definitely would be. It’s a great group of people and I am sure it’s not our last time out here. In fact, I heard someone suggesting we have a birthday party out here!

It was remarkable when the homeowner family spoke to us and thanked us during our lunch break. I was so touched hearing about this family’s struggles, yet inspired by their commitment. What impressed me more was learning about the lift that will be installed for Mr. Gaxiola to help him move around the house. That is an amazing gift for a man who has worked so hard for his family against enormous odds.

I know I am where I was supposed to be today. This is the best reason to get up early. In one word, Habitat for Humanity is Life-changing, for everyone.

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