Special Blog from Patty Lee, our Faith Relations Manager

Here's a great story about a true "Power Woman" from Patty Lee, our Faith Relations manager.

This is my friend Sara Nelson who engaged in a battle with breast cancer. Her story is amazing & inspiring… When she shared her photo journal of her journey with breast cancer on her facebook page, I don’t know exactly why it hit me so hard but seeing this photo of her at her first post-operative chemo treatment with her hair cut short (she had beautiful blonde hair nearly to her waist), dyed pink in solidarity with other women fighting breast cancer & sporting the Power Women, Power Tools t-shirt I had given her at some point … I fell apart & sat sobbing for a good 10 minutes or more. Oh yea, it was also the afternoon of the Fernwood Homes Dedication.

Anyway – what hit me is that we usually never know how a simple little gesture can be so inspiring and meaningful to others. Sara said she wore her pink and black HFHFH PWPT t-shirt A LOT in her battle because the breast cancer “colors” are pink & black. SHE is truly a POWER WOMAN!!

Today, Sara is cancer-free & invests a lot of her time encouraging & inspiring other women in their breast cancer battle.

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