Dodgers vs Phillies Series is a Win-Win No Matter the Outcome

From the Huffington Post:

As the National League Championship Series heats up, friendly rivalries between cities are inevitable. The latest wager comes, however, not between rivals at a bar, but between mayors on Facebook. In reference to the Dodgers-Phillies series, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa posted on Facebook an e-mail he'd sent to Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter. The e-mail read as follows:

Mayor Nutter--How about a wager on the series between our ball clubs?The terms:I know we both see service as an honor. As such...If the Dodgers win, I will volunteer for a day of service with Habitat for Humanity. If the Phillies win, you volunteer for a day with Habitat for Humanity. Oh, and if we win, since we'll be working hard for Habitat for Humanity, we'd love it if you sent us some cheesesteaks, be they Pat's, Geno's or your personal favorite.And if you win, we'll send you some of LA's finest Pink's chili dogs to enjoy during your day of service.

Thanks, Antonio Villaraigosa

Villaraigosa has also been promoting the contest on his Twitter feed, though he seems almost as excited about the food as he does about the possibility of volunteering with Habitat For Humanity.

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