Cast Members of General Hospital Thank YOU!

A couple weeks ago we had our build day with General Hospital cast members and their fans. It was definitely one of the highlights of our ongoing "The House That General Hospital Fans Built" campaign. The rain was coming down hard here in Los Angeles, but it did nothing to dampen our spirits - the energy on the build site was electric. The electricity carried on throughout the day amongst the fans who traveled near and far to be there, the cast members themselves (many of which had never built before) and all the volunteer crew leaders who transformed many framing novices into pros in just a few hours.
Everyone sat down for lunch at big, long tables together - cast members, fans and Habitat for Humanity G.L.A. partner families. During lunch Betty Monroy, our most recent homeowner, gave a speech and nourished everyone with her beautiful words. Brandon and Lisa also spoke and it was clear from what they said that they (and many of their cast members) had caught what we like to call "Habititis."
In fact many of the cast members said it was the best General Hospital event that they could remember and took some time to make this video to thank everyone who has contributed in any way to this campaign.

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