Congratulations to the City of Lynwood on its All-America City Award!

We have strong ties to the City of Lynwood and its residents. That is why we couldn’t be more thrilled that our longtime partner is one of ten cities nationwide to receive an All-America City Award . The prestigious award is given to cities that come up with innovative solutions to problems in partnership with public, private and non-profit sectors.

For the City of Lynwood, our A Brush with Kindness program is a solution for residents hit hardest by the economy, unemployment and facing foreclosure. The program keeps low-income homeowners in their homes by providing free, safety-related and exterior repairs that they would otherwise be unable to make themselves. As a result of this program, neighborhoods in the city have been stabilized and revitalized.

In October 2007, we presented the Lynwood Redevelopment Agency with our “A Brush with Kindness” program. The city awarded us funds to provide low-income, Lynwood homeowners with free, exterior and safety home repair services. The homeowners were selected by us through an application process and the work was performed by able-bodied homeowners and volunteers guided by our staff.  The Lynwood Redevelopment Agency selected specific corridors of the city where the program was implemented. Since then the appearance and safety of more than ten homes has been improved, ten of which have been funded by the City of Lynwood.

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