Volunteering has Direct Impact on Personal Wellness!

New information shows that helping others can help you!  Often when we think of the benefits of volunteering, we only consider our impact on the places or people for which we volunteer.

United Healthcare and Volunteer Match have released a survey that could make you rethink the power of your service.  The Do Good.  Live Well. Survey focuses on the impact of volunteerism in the lives of the volunteers themselves, and shows that giving your time can have a significant impact on personal wellness.

In the study, more than 4,500 American adults were surveyed concerning volunteering and health, volunteering and satisfaction with life, and volunteering and rates and relationship to work.  Among some of most encouraging results are that 68% of volunteers agree that “volunteering has made me feel physically healthier”, that 89% of volunteers agree that “volunteering has improved my sense of well-being” and also that 92% of volunteers agree volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life. 

If you’re not already involved as a volunteer, visit us online at www.habitatla.org and click on “Volunteer” to find out where we need your help!  To find out more about this exciting study, visit Do Good Live Well  online.

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