Legal Eagles: Putting Their Time Where Their Mouth Is

In February of this year, while the students at Loyola Law School (LLS) were losing their grip on the fond memories of winter break, an innocent email went out from one lone student to some friends in her first year class: "Who wants to burn off some steam over spring break and build houses with Habitat for Humanity ?"

The response was overwhelming. Soon, the innocent participation of a couple friends became an all out movement on the part of the whole student body. Over the course of three days, 75 students volunteered to paint, nail and haul their way into a new tradition for LLS. Even more impressive, by the end of the semester, they had raised $5,772!

Although LLS is traditionally renowned for being a public interest law school, even the student government was impressed by the energy, compassion and dedication of the students who participated - especially because every one of them had finals and papers looming on the horizon. The project was such a success that the school has plans to repeat the effort during the 2010-2011 school year, and beyond!

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