Day 2: Habitat for Humanity Everest Build 2010

Posted by Veronica Garcia, Vice President, Advocacy and Community Partnerships:

Day two in Pokhara, Nepal, we eagerly got to work weaving walls with bamboo, installing the vertical supports (also made of bamboo) and preparing for the roof install. The weather was much better, but hot and humid. We  ate our lunch with the family in their garden area near their ox (and her calf) and two goats. The father in law shared bananas from his field and was proud to tell us that they were 100 percent organic! They were delicious of course.  Madu helped throughout the day--in addition to doing her own daily chores--with a big smile. We got a lot done on day two (no injuries) and proudly hung our flag in support of World Habitat Day.

Day 2 of Habitat for Humanity Everest Build 2010
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