Toyota Financial Services Builds Owners & Hope in the Community

Guest Blogger (and Volunteer):  Eunice Kim, Brand Manager, Toyota Financial Services

Yesterday was the Toyota Financial Services Habitat for Humanity build.  A group of us took the day to represent the department and participate in building at a site where 10 homes are being built for some very deserving, hardworking, low-income families in Lynwood, CA.  

25 Toyota Financial Services volunteers worked and sweated together toward a single goal...making a difference in the construction of these homes.  It was hard work but very fulfilling.  Just 6 months ago we participated in a build day at this same location.  In March, we hammered nails and laid the foundation.  Yesterday we dug trenches (under the scorching sun), put up drywall, painted walls and ceilings, laid tiles, and many other tasks.  As you can see from the photo below, the houses are nearly complete!

Our Brand Energizers are very proud of the effort put forth by each and every one of our volunteers.  Together we were able to show how much we can accomplish as a team.  Together we once again have shown that Toyota Financial Services truly does care about the community.  We are truly living our internal message of "We Build Owners."  

"We are enablers of dreams, conduits to peace of mind and facilitators of family vacations. For over 25 years, we've helped millions of customers get behind the wheel of a new Toyota or Lexus. We've stayed with them along the way. And we're right there when they're ready to do it again. We're Toyota Financial Services, and We Build Owners."

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