Our Volunteers Understand that Sharing is Caring

We value our volunteers for so many reasons, without you, we could not complete our mission.  The highest compliment for us is when volunteers share their stories with others.  Advocacy is just as important as hands on support. 

I would like to share this letter from a volunteer named Karen.  Karen very kindly submitted our affiliate for consideration for a grant through her employer and I am sure you'll be just as moved by her heart felt words.

Habitat for Humanity is a charity like none other I've supported.  In addition to providing me with an opportunity to serve, they provided an opportunity for a family (mom and two children) who would otherwise never qualify for anything other than sub-standard housing to own a home.  The families selected to receive a home not only participate in the building of the home, they also learn the home ownership process, take part in community enrichment activities, and see first-hand the impact of a community rallying behind one of its own to achieve a goal - building a home from the ground up.  Last year I was lucky enough to participate on the building of a home for the Coreas family in Long Beach.  The dedication occurred in December and the friendship that developed between Betty Coreas and I continues.  On my first day on the job site I was teamed with Betty.  She and I worked side by side building her garage that day.  On subsequent volunteer days I also participated in painting her master bedroom and adding the finishing touches to her living room and stairwell.  What a gift to participate in something so rewarding and to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.  With California state budget cuts waging war across all walks of non-profit life, the bottom line impact is greatest, unfortunately, on those with the greatest need.  Please help Habitat continue working to put people in affordable, energy efficient, safe housing.

I'll begin helping work on another home next month.

With utmost sincerity,
Karen R.

Thank YOU, Karen. I'll see you next month!

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