I Dream of a Home

We hope that you enjoy this poem by Dulce Aguilar, one of our South Gate partner homeowners, as much as we do!

I Dream of a Home  
by Dulce Aguilar 
Everyone has dreams…. some dream of love,
 Some dream of wealth…. but I dream of a home….
I dream of A home…. a home to call our own.
I dream of a home where my kids can grow,
With plenty of space for them to run and play,
With a small picket fence, to keep them safe.
With a roof to protect them, from the heat and the cold,
A place they will be proud, to know it’s their home.
I dream of a home…. A home to call our own
A home in which to garden, and fertilize the lawn,
And make sure that its watered, everyday right at dawn,
I picture lots of roses,………… growing in our yard,
The fragrances, the colors.... Oh!!… how beautiful they are!!!
It fills me with excitement!!!.... to imagine what’s to come,
For homeownership’s, sooo special……it makes me want to cry!!!
I want to cry of happiness, I want to cry of joy,
To know we will accomplish, one of our many goals.
And know for many years, we won’t be moving anymore.
 I dream of a home….. A home to call our own
A home built from humanity by many helping hands,
By wonderful volunteers, whom I will always thank.
A home with many walls, to hang pictures everywhere,
Filled with happy memories, of moments we have shared.
with rooms to fill of warmth, beginning with some paint,
Carefully selecting, each and every shade.
A home with many doors, and knobs to turn each day,
To welcome everybody, who has helped along the way.
I dream of a home….a home to call our own
A home to grow in to, and gently fill with love,
 Remembering our struggles, and our path along the way.
I thank God for all our blessings, and keep nurturing my faith,
and thank Habitat for Humanity, for helping us today,
by providing us the opportunity, to purchase a home someday,
For guiding us through the process, so we can feel assured,
Homeownership is attainable, not just a dream…… I KNOW!!
So, as I patiently await, for my dream to come true…..
I encourage you to join me…. and to dream for a home too.
 For Each morning when I wake, and each night while I’m asleep,
I’ll be dreaming of a home…… of a home to call our own.

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