Discovering Hidden Treasures at our ReStores...

Two Friends Share Their Story of Finding a Diamond in the Rough in our own ReStores! 

My friend Chet loves to scour the Habitat ReStore for diamonds in the rough. When he finds things he thinks I’d like he takes a photo and sends it to me, I can then say yea or nay on the spot. I recently bought a new home and it needs lots of things: furniture, light fixtures, cabinets, you name it. I was thrilled the other day when I got some emails from Chet who was out shopping again and found three chandelier possibilities. He suggested that with some paint it would look great in my new house. I chose the one I liked best, he bought it, took it home and painted it and delivered it to my door. Now that is a great friend.

-Kirstin Wilder

The chandelier before and after!

You might see just an old Chandelier, but I might see a great opportunity. A lil elbow grease, a little creativity and bam, you can turn coal into diamonds. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore has become a weekly habit because I am constantly finding great used items at great prices, as well as the thrill of the unexpected treasures to recondition, or repurpose.

-Chet Leonard

To find your own diamonds in the rough, check out our ReStores, we have two locations to serve you!

          17700 S. Figueroa Street                                11029 Alondra Blvd.
          Gardena, CA 90248                                       Norwalk, CA 90650


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