Meet Our Newest Homeowners in South Gate

This past Saturday we celebrated homeownership with seven amazing families in South Gate!  It was an especially joyous occasion knowing these families will be celebrating Thanksgiving in their new Habitat for Humanity homes.   You can read all about the event here and if you're interested in applying for homeownership, please visit our website.

The De La Garza Family

Sandra De La Garza and her three children longed for the day they would own a home. Sandra feels like homeownership signifies such an accomplishment in her life and that providing stability for her children is a triumph.

Wifredo Ceballos is purchasing a home for the first time.  He thanks God and Habitat for Humanity for this blessing of homeownership.

The Hernandez Family

Rosa Hernandez and her three children have lived in he Bell/Maywood area for nearly 10 years.  They look forward to being able to have a dog in their new home.  Rosa loved doing her sweat equity hours and felt blessed to meet so many volunteers on the build site.

The Hicks Family

Alisha Hicks and her son face daily challenges in their small one-bedroom apartment.  They look forward to having a safe and warm place to call their own and Alisha loves how Habitat is making a difference for many other families like her own.

The Krich Family

The high cost of living has created many challenges for this active and growing family.  Kreng and Panya Krich are thrilled to be a part of the Habitat for Humanity family and see homeownership as a blessing and a responsibility.  

The Mendoza Family

Alicia Mendoza has lived in the South Gate area all of her life.  She and her son longed for a home to call their own where family and friends could come and visit.  Becoming a homeowner was one of her lifelong dreams and she saved and sacrificed to make this dream come a reality.

The Rivas Family

Ana Rivas has lived in the community surrounding South Gate for more than 16 years.  She and her children look forward to having more stability and security in their new home.

Learn how to apply for your own Habitat for Humanity home in Los Angeles here.

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