Nicaragua Build

Habitat for Humanity is helping to transform lives and communities in one of the world’s poorest countries,  Nicaragua. According to Habitat for Humanity International, 80 percent of the Nicaraguan population subsists on less than $2 per day, and 43 percent on less than $1 a day. In a country of more than five million people, there are many situations that affect the housing situation. Inadequate housing, insufficient public investment in the housing sector, natural disasters, social and economic instability, migration from rural to urban areas and the formation of new nuclear families are all factors that take a toll on the availability of adequate housing in Nicaragua. It is estimated that each year the housing deficit in the country rises by some 30,000 homes.

For this reason, many volunteers from all over the world recently traveled to Nicaragua, including our very own Veronica Garcia, VP of Advocacy and Community Partnerships, and Felicia Brannon from UCLA. Felicia is one of our volunteers, as well as a former board member. Through meetings and work in the community building homes, as well as digging a ditch for a new water system in Masachapa, the group was truly able to grasp the issue of substandard housing and underlying issue of poverty in the country.  Check out Veronica’s tweets from the trip at @HabitatVeronica and some photos of the great work they were able to accomplish during their time there. 

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