Interfaith Outreach Dinner Unites 60 People from 8 Faith Traditions in Support of Affordable Housing

Posted by Chris Untiet, Faith Relations Manager

Our interfaith outreach dinner, held in May 2013, was an inspiring evening that will make a significant impact in our mission for years to come.  To see over 60 people from eight different faith traditions come together to share a meal, to hear from key leaders within greater Los Angeles’ faith community, and to brainstorm ways about how we can come together to build hope and better our communities was truly a dream come true.   

We used the momentum and ideas from this dinner to organize the building of our first interfaith home.  The building of this home will kick off in November as part of seven new homes we will build in Lynwood, California.  It will also be a part of Habitat for Humanity’s nationwide goal to expand and enhance interfaith involvement with Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, and Grand Rapids taking the lead. 

Below is a video highlighting the groundbreaking night.  Those interested in getting involved may contact me via email or at 424-246-3622.

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