Your Help is Needed, Donate to Habitat for Humanity International to Help Disaster Victims

On Friday one of the strongest storms in recorded history — Typhoon Haiyan — devastated the Philippines, killing thousands and leaving tens of thousands more homeless and desperately needing help. Please make an emergency donation to Habitat for Humanity International today.

Habitat for Humanity has teams already on the ground providing crisis assistance. Our immediate goal is to distribute 50,000 units of clean-up/hygiene kits and 30,000 shelter repair kits. We will then move quickly to reconstruct 10,000 core housing units.

Your help is urgently needed so we can be there when disasters strike and when people need shelter anywhere in the world. Please give generously.

We are already making a difference. The Habitat Mobile Emergency Response (HaMER) vehicle was in Clarin, Bohol during the typhoon. Since power was lost in the area, the HaMER generator immediately provided electricity to the local health station during the delivery of four babies! They are all safe.

Please open your heart to victims of disasters and those in need of housing. You can help desperate families survive and restore their lives.

We expect 5,000 shelter repair kits to arrive in the Cebu Province of the Philippines this Wednesday evening and we have staff relocating to the affected areas from around the region.
 Please ensure that we have all the resources we need to help as many people as possible wherever needed.

The Habitat family extends compassion to all of the people affected by this massive disaster, and we pray for their safe recovery.

Habitat for Humanity International works closely with numerous international relief agencies.
 Your support will go where the need is greatest and will still be tax-deductible.

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