Local Youth have Raised $100,000 & Counting

$100,000 and still going strong!

Local youth volunteers, through our Nickels for Nails fundraising campaign, have raised over $100,000 toward the Youth United Osborn Family home currently under construction in the City of Lynwood.

With contributions from over one hundred schools and youth groups, individuals, events, and grants the nickels have been adding up and we have exceeded our initial goal to fund a home. Though we’ve reached our goal we know there is more that we can do so congratulations and keep up the good work!

Special thanks to the Dawn-to-Dusk Golf Marathon which raised over $80,000.

Our Youth United program is looking for interested individuals to join the Steering Committee. Several positions are available. Youth on the committee give leadership and direction to the program in the areas of advocacy, education, construction scheduling, fundraising, and outreach. To find out more information and apply, please check out our website. Youth United Steering Committee. The deadline for applications is November 20th.

Do you need volunteer hours for school or are you looking for ways to help. We have many opportunities to volunteer in the office for youth ages 14 and older. Look at our volunteer page under Office and Special Projects for more information. We specifically need people to sign up for a computer installation for our partner families on Nov. 8th and Housing California Conference Dec. 8 – 10th.

For more information visit our website or call us at 310-323-4663.

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