How Habitat for Humanity Saved More than Gertrude's Roof

Guest Blog from Rebecca Waer, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Habitat for Humanity really saved more than just Gertrude's roof two weeks ago. I moved to L.A. last November, and have been out of work since late March. Since then I've sat at the computer pretty much every day, 7-8 hrs/day, hunting for jobs, writing mountains of cover letters and changing resumes, making calls, no avail. It was such a powerless and frustrating feeling. And while many people I've talked with in the TV/film industry have experienced the same thing this year, it still felt horrible - I really was nearly at my wit's end.

I didn't know anyone who had volunteered for Habitat, but I had wanted to do so for a long time, and decided the only thing that would make things better was to get out of my head and my selfishness, and help someone else. I signed up to volunteer with Habitat’s A Brush With Kindness program, which provides home repairs to low-income homeowners at no cost. Habitat got me up early, out the door, and out into a part of L.A. I'd never been, to meet beautiful people I never would have met without this opportunity. Pulling and pounding nails, being showered with termite waste while tearing-out rotting wood, climbing ladders to walk around on a roof higher than I would ever wish to be (and conquering the fear of being up there!), was sincerely the best medicine. And the homemade tuna sandwiches and taco salads made by Gertrude and her mother, savored with the crew (while sitting on folding chairs and buckets) in the shade of the plum tree were like manna from heaven in the heat of the day.

I will always, always sing the praises of Habitat for Humanity, and will continue to volunteer and encourage others to volunteer, as well. Habitat for Humanity really helps everyone - those with physical needs - i.e. a new rooftop or entire house, and those who may need a lift from the inside out (volunteers and homeowners alike). You guys are doing great work. Thanks again.

Rebecca Waer

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