Meet the Ramirez and Velasquez Families!

Power Women, Power Tools is tomorrow! We have two more families to introduce today. They are last, but not least!

We hope that you will take some time to read through all of the families' stories that have been posted on the blog this week. After all, they are the reason for our work and for events like Power Women, Power Tools.

The Ramirez Family

Ruben and his wife Maira live in a small, substandard two-bedroom apartment with their two children.  They have lived in the City of Lynwood for 13 years.  Ruben has worked as a glass worker for 5 years and Maira has worked as a front desk clerk at a travel lodge for over 12 years. 

Christian is an avid soccer player and loves playing with his Dad in the park on Sundays.  Ruben has coached soccer in the City of Lynwood for 6 seasons.  Stephanie has an artistic flair and loves to draw.  The kids are patiently awaiting more space both inside and outside to run and play. 

Ruben appreciates the experience of building his home because it has given him the opportunity to learn how to build a house side by side with strangers who have become like family.

The Velasquez Family

Sylvia and her two sons share a small bedroom in an overcrowded home with her parents and two brothers.  She has worked for the City of Lynwood for 8 years and is a lifelong resident of the city. Sylvia is active in the community and enjoys participating in city events and fundraisers with her boys.

Donoven is a sports fanatic, but basketball is his favorite.  He is also an honor roll student.  Sylvia is active in Donoven’s extracurricular activities and often volunteers as the “team Mom.”  Jadon enjoys
coloring and is very artistic.

All the volunteers, especially the ones who have given up their Saturdays to help her family, have touched Sylvia. As part of the values instilled in her by her parents, she plans to give others a hand up like she has received. She is eager to move in and show her children and the community what it means to live the American dream.

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