Habitat for Humanity's Cornerstone Training Gives DIYers the Skills to Give Back

Guest blog by Cornerstone Graduate Charles "Chip" James:

Charles "Chip" James at Cornerstone Graduation Nov. 2010
I have done quite a few DIY projects over the years: installing dry wall; sanding/refinishing hardwood flooring; installing electrical outlets; installing a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and toilet. So when I signed up for Cornerstone Training, I figured I had a pretty solid foundation to build upon.

I figured wrong.

I learned a lot at that funky warehouse: I learned that I hammered like a girl (profound apologies to women everywhere). I learned that there are (at least) two different types of hammers. I learned that men actually do have a weird thing for power-tools (they're awesome). And most importantly, I learned that the type of people who volunteer with Habitat for Humanity are fun-loving, big-hearted and exceptionally attractive. 

What more could you ask for? Great people, great education, and great fun.

Do it. Now.

Visit our website to learn more about Cornerstone Training and Volunteer opportunities.

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