Thank you Linkin Park, Music for Relief & Fans for Helping us Build Green and Build Hope

Music for Relief (MFR) is a non-profit organization founded by the band Linkin Park and has been an ongoing partner of Habitat for Humanity since its inception, following the tsunami in 2004.  Comprised of musicians, music industry professionals, and fans, MFR is dedicated to providing aid to survivors of natural disasters & reducing global warming.

To provide tsunami relief, MFR held a concert in Los Angeles which raised over $1 million, and Habitat for Humanity was one of the beneficiaries.  Members of Music for Relief also participated in the rebuilding efforts in Thailand.

In addition to the tsunami relief, as part of the disaster relief portion of their mission, Music for Relief has partnered with Habitat in many locations, including sponsoring and funding the rebuilding of homes in the Gulf after Hurricane Katrina, providing funding for an entire village to be completed in Sri Lanka and funding a home in Samoa. 

Most recently, following the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, they partnered with Habitat to provide funding for housing solutions for dozens of families.  These funds are being utilized in both countries to positively affect the lives of hundreds of people in multiple communities.

Here in Los Angeles, in support of the environmental portion of their mission, Music for Relief partnered with HFH GLA to sponsor the MFR “Green Home.”  To raise awareness for the Green Home, they created an online donation program where artists, fans and other ongoing supporters of MFR could contribute in support of the program here.

Additionally, MFR called upon their strategic partners to sponsor build days and get involved with Habitat right here at home.  As part of the MFR Green Home program, we’ve been fortunate enough to host builds with The Collective, GSO, Machine Shop Marketing, Momentous Insurance and Chubb, Rhino Records, Trailer Park and Warner Music on our Imperial Highway site, in addition to the amazing members of Linkin Park.

After they came out to build, Linkin Park created this short video clip that they sent through their social networks to over 25 million people to advocate for Habitat and the MFR Green Home! We hope you will enjoy it!   

As always, we want to say a HUGE thanks to Linkin Park for their ongoing partnership and support of our mission, to their fans who continue to support Habitat’s programs, to Music for Relief’s COO Whitney Showler and to filmmaker extraordinaire Mark Fiore (who not only generously donated this clip to us, but who is also a longtime Habitat volunteer!). 

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