Lowe's Women Put Their Construction Expertise to Work in the Community

Guest blog post contributed by: Rose Rozich, District Manager for Lowe's

I’m Rose Rozich, District Manager for Lowe’s. On Saturday 6/18 I had the opportunity to volunteer during the Lowe’s Power Women, Power Tools build and help my fellow Lowe’s volunteers from the surrounding area show the true meaning of girl power as we stood up for affordable housing and helped build homes for Burbank families! It was truly fun and hard work at the same time. It was all worth it as I listened to the partner homeowners speak about how lucky and thankful they are that they were chosen out of 800 other applicants.   

Lowe’s knows that women have the capability and determination necessary to raise their hammers and build homes for Habitat. That is why we are the underwriter of Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build. Through the Women Build program we recruit, educate and empower women with key skills that are not only helpful when working on Habitat sites, but that can be applied in everyday life and in future community projects. We’re so proud of the many homes we’ve built since we started Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build in 2005. We are confident that the homes we build all over the country are a concrete solution to combat substandard housing issues and advocate for safe, decent and affordable homes for all.
And our dedication doesn’t end here today. We’ve been working in neighborhoods throughout the LA area for years and we’ll continue to be here for years to come. We’ve been partnering with Habitat since 2004 and we recently extended our commitment to Habitat through 2013, to bring our total contribution to more than $40 million. So you’ll continue to see Lowe’s Heroes in your community – we aren’t going anywhere!!! We’re committed to this community and to building affordable housing for the residents of Burbank and the surrounding LA area.

We’ll be here because we know that although being a good community neighbor means providing the funds to make big things in this community, it’s just as important to provide the man power – the WOMAN power - to bring a Habitat home from concept to reality and to revitalize a community.

So we’ll continue lifting our hammers, providing our expertise and empowering women on Habitat sites across the country. It’s what we do best, it’s the right thing to do and it’s what we love to do - to support families in the communities where we live and work.

Thank you for all for being part of this event and for helping us build a solution to affordable housing for the citizens of Burbank and families all across the country. The collective work of Lowe’s and Habitat will continue to have a ripple effect across the country thanks to your dedication and hours of support.

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