Our Faith Manager Builds with Habitat for Humanity in China!

Guest Blog Post by: Chris Untiet, Faith Manager

 The Great Wall was amazing.  Watching Chinese soldiers lower the Chinese flag in Tienamen Square at sunset was incredible.  Finally learning to use chop sticks well and eating Chinese food for an entire week were proud achievements for me!  Yet by far the most rewarding and inspiring moment were the people I was blessed to interact with in Shui Wei Dong , a village of 400 in the mountains of southern China during my recent mission’s trip to serve and build with Habitat for Humanity. 

When you head out on your week long building adventure, you want to devote all the energy that you can into giving these individuals living on $1 a day a better life.  Whether it’s loading sand into a truck to mix cement with or spending endless hours carefully laying bricks in the 100 degree heat, you can’t help but feel great knowing that you are giving it everything you have.  By the end of the week, you know that you have built your own “Great Walls of China” and helped amazing Chinese families have more decent and affordable places to live.

Yet despite our global village group going to China to help build homes, the people of Shui Wei Dong helped us as well.  Living in the great fast paced and money driven country that we do in the United States, it was a true blessing to see how people, so poor monetarily, could be so happy and content with the simple lives they were leading.  It forced our group to slow down and appreciate the little things around us.  Kids playing throughout the village, rice farmers working away in the fields, and people looking so thankful to have a new group of friends in the village for the week were all such beautiful moments. 

Those are the memories I’ll always thank God for blessing me with in China and why, whether it’s in Los Angeles, China, or in 90 countries around the globe, it’s such an honor to be a part of Habitat for Humanity.    

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