Habitat's Relief Efforts in Chile Get a Boost From Hollywood Actors

As you may already know, Habitat for Humanity and our partners in Chile's Talca region have been working hard to provide emergency housing and repair existing homes for the 2 million people affected by an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred on February 27 in Chile. More than two months later, we continue to help low-income families recover from the quake.

I am pleased to announce that more help has arrived with the launch of iamthecountry.com. A group of Hollywood actors, led by Camilla Belle and Wilmer Valderrama, created a PSA for the site to help raise awareness of the devastation and call others to action. The site directs visitors to our own page on relief efforts in Chile.

What can you do to help? The simplest way is to donate. We take seriously our responsibility to contributors, to those counting on our help, to be wise stewards of funds entrusted to us. You can also download earthquake recovery Web banners and post them to your blog or personal website. Due to transportation complications, Habitat Chile is currently only recruiting local volunteers, but you can subscribe to the Habitat Latin America and Caribbean e-newsletter to stay updated.

Many thanks to those who have donated already. I will keep you updated on our ongoing efforts, and don't forget to click over to iamthecountry.com.

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