Namaste! Day Four in Pokhara, Nepal for the Everest Build

Posted by Veronica Garcia, VP Advocacy and Community Partnerships:

Yesterday (Day 4) we did our best to finish the weaving. Unfortunately, we only had two bamboo ladders, a barrel and a few benches to use for the high spots. Most were being utilized by our local volunteers to mortar the outside of the home. So, for us who are "not so tall" it was quite a challenge. On a positive note, we used muscles that have not been used in years--or ever--to stretch and bend. By the end of the day, we felt good about our progress. A few windows are in and it's starting to look like a home now.

Mahdu (our homeowner) showed us a photo of her husband who is currently in Saudi Arabia. Very cute couple! We also met her nephew and a few of her girlfriends, who came by to take a peek at the house.
In the evening, we all attended a thank you reception, along with other volunteers. Large groups from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Germany, Japan and the USA! The New Zealanders (better known as the Kiwi's) performed an all-male dance-type of performance. It was awesome! All in all--another amazing day!

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