A Gift for Valentino

Guest Post by partner homeowner Alma Carazzco

The Carazzco family will soon be moving into one of 10 green homes in the City of Lynwood. The Imperial Highway development has a beautiful playground that was donated courtesy of Sprite Spark Parks. Here is Alma's thank you note:

I am very happy and excited for my son, Valentino, and all the children who will enjoy the playground that Sprite so generously donated.
Valentino does not play outside because our apartment building does not have a play area. The alternative is to take him to the park when we can. Now, with the support of Sprite and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, we are not only achieving our dream of homeownership, but we will also be able to offer Valentino and the other kids a dedicated and safe play area where they can imagine, discover and have fun.
The day the playground was built I was overjoyed to see Valentino‚Äôs face when he saw and realized that his home would also have a playground. Valentino was ecstatic and he shared with everyone who would listen that he will have a park where he can play with his friends. 
The smile and the happiness of my child is priceless. Sprite has delivered joy by bringing smiles to children like Valentino. Thank you Sprite and Habitat for giving us a gift that we will never forget. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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