Volunteer Spotlight: Summer Interns!

This summer Habitat for Humanity GLA was fortunate enough to have several interns in our midst, and as they return to school we hope they will take the knowledge they gained from working with us on to the next step in their futures. They have all left their mark on us here at HFHGLA and vise versa!

Meet the interns

 Justin Murry 
Bank of America Student Leadership Intern  
Although Justin was originally assigned to the Advocacy and Community Partnerships department, Bank of America asked that we give him a glimpse into how non-profits run and how to lead within them. As a result, Justin was working a week at a time for several of our departments – gaining an understanding of organizational leadership which will come in handy when he returns to Long Beach Renaissance High School for the Arts. Read his blog post here.

Edy Delgado 
ConocoPhillips Intern (Construction)  
Edy is going to Tulane to study construction in the fall – so where better to spend his summer than on one of our many NSP2 job sites? We couldn’t keep him out of the field, and we hope he picked up a lot to share both in the classroom and with Habitat for Humanity New Orleans, who was very excited to hear that he was interested in working with them next.

Hannah Bernabe 
ConocoPhillips Intern (Entertainment, Marketing, and Communications) Hannah will be attending UC San Diego in the fall, and hasn’t really figured out where her interests lie – although she has a definite interest in Marketing. Assigned to EMC and occasionally assisting in other departments, she got to see that while a lot of what EMC does is glamorous – it’s also a lot of work!

Courtney Lee 
Entertainment, Marketing, and Communications Intern  
Courtney came in right as the whirlwind of planning for Power Women, Power Tools was coming to a head. She returned to San Diego Christian College with a lot of new event skills and a new understanding of just how many people it takes to run an event like this one – and how little sleep they get until it’s over! 

Saya Lindsay 
Community Outreach Intern 
Saya returned to Trinity College with a deeper understanding of exactly what Habitat does for our homeowners and the community at large. After a summer of working with the Advocacy and Community Partnerships department, she also learned just how much our legislators can help or hinder us in what we do.

 Allison Hart
Advocacy and Community Partnerships Department
Although she has “grown out” of the internship stage with us, Allison still continues to work with Habitat GLA! She has continued her volunteer work  in a Legislative and Community Outreach role, where she convinces those with the purse strings that we need their help to continue all of our good work.

Thank you all for your hard work, everyone here at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles wishes you the best of luck in your next endeavors!  

Are you interested in an internship with us?  Visit our website for more information.

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