Friendship Build

Guest blog post by Carl Jordan, HFH GLA board member

My Journey to Bangladesh started with forming a new friendship with Alison Treleaven, HFH GLA’s VP, Entertainment, Marketing and Communications, and Kim McManus, a fellow HFH GLA board member. We immediately bonded and most would assume that this was just another trip of many we have traveled together on.  After the first leg of our long journey, I felt like we had traveled together as friends several times before this trip. We were also very fortunate to have met so many wonderful volunteers from all over the world that we enjoyed while there.  

To summarize the trip is a task not easily accomplished. This trip was to make a difference and build safer homes for those that are less fortunate. This trip yielded experiences well beyond building a new home for those less fortunate.  It provided me a greater view of life beyond what most have experienced and a lifetime of memories in just five short days. I did not view the shy and humble people of this small village of 400+ people as "less fortunate", I saw them as very fortunate hard working people, just without the means to provide a safe home that could withstand the often harsh environments that Bangladesh experiences.    

This was by far the most enjoyable, memorable and life changing experience I have had. I thank all the wonderful people in Bangladesh for a great experience and helping change my view of life and the way I live it.    

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