Helpful Honda Team Build Day in Long Beach

We were thrilled to welcome the Helpful Honda Team out to help us rehabilitate a home in Long Beach. It is the first time we have had the opportunity to work with them and as you might have guessed, they were indeed very helpful! We asked a member of our Entertainment, Marketing and Communications team to drop by the site to see how they were doing and the result is this interview with Helpful Honda team leader Steve Judkins.

HFH GLA:  Have you ever built with Habitat for Humanity?
Steve:  This is our first time building with Habitat for Humanity.  We had a briefing this morning and we got right to work.  It’s a great team and we are excited to be a part of it!

HFH GLA:  Who else came out to build with you today?
Steve: I am joined by three other team members today – Lorena Mariscal, Peter Tang and Tamara Torres - all of whom have been on the campaign for a long time. They’re building here with Habitat now and later tonight they will be out at the Dodgers’ game helping in any way they can - assisting the elderly to their seats, helping people carry food back if they’re struggling, etc.

HFH GLA:  What skills have you learned today?
Steve: Today, I learned how to draw the chalk lines so we can start laying tile and how to mix the cement. We are getting ready to level off the cement so we can tile the bathroom.

HFH GLA:  Our site supervisor, Billy Gifford, says your team is doing great!
Steve: Billy is very enthusiastic and he set the pace for the day, which is what you have got to do to motivate people. As a team leader myself, I know if you don’t set the bar high you can’t expect other people to match that.   He is a great example and he is really passionate about the safety aspect of everything; he really knows his stuff.   He’d make a great Helpful Honda Team Member, but he would have to cut his hair.

HFH GLA:  Tell us more about what the Helpful Honda campaign does in the community.
Steve: The Helpful Honda campaign was set up seven years ago by Southern California Honda dealerships to perform random acts of kindness in the community such as blood drives, pet adoptions, and free gas giveaways for Honda drivers.  We have teams of volunteers throughout the community who do as much as they can for everyone, not just for Honda drivers, but for all of Southern California.

We are grateful to the Helpful Honda Team for working with us to rehabilitate this house for hardworking, low-income new homeowners.  In just a few weeks this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home will be completely renovated to be LEED compliant, which will help the new partner homeowners to save money on their utility bills once they move in!

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for helping us build hope, lives and communities!

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