Meet Volunteer David Gardner

David started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) in 2005.  He came to a build day with his employer at the time, TRW and then weeks later with Rolling Hills United Methodist Church.  Eight years  later, David is still volunteering with us on a weekly basis, helping to keep our construction warehouse in order and occasionally working out on the construction sites.  He is a key reason that our construction materials are organized and accounted for. 

David is a great volunteer and we are lucky he has stayed so committed to our organization.  He recalls that on his first visit he  painted and cleaned the    brushes so well that they were cleaner than when they started that morning.  The crew leader that day invited him back any time and he took her advice. We are so grateful that David did, as he has now been with our organization through major events such as the Jimmy Carter Work Project, Habitat for Heroes and many Hollywood Build-a-Thons.

David has learned a lot of great skills from working with HFH GLA.  He says, “While any guy thinks he can hammer, I really learned how to here.”

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