Day 5 of Everest Build in Pokhara, Nepal

Posted by Veronica Garcia, VP of Advocacy and Community Partnerships:
Today it's all about "slurry." Slurry is a thin mixture of cement that is painted over the bamboo strands so the cement mortar will stick. Our goal today is to mortar the entire outside of the house and inside if we work fast. We got word from the Habitat officials that the President of Nepal was visiting tomorrow and will attend our closing ceremonies. The President has never been in this part of Nepal, so it is a very big deal for the entire community. We were also informed that the President would be visiting three Habitat homes and ours were one of them!

Back to slurry...Today we were not in need of benches and ladders, but there were not enough brushes and trowels, so we did the best we could working in teams of two to get the job done. By the end of the day we felt great about our progress.  It rained that evening, which concerned all of us, but we have faith.

All in all--another wondeful day on House 23.

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