Final Day of Everest Build: We Built a New Home in Nepal

Posted by Veronica Garcia, VP of Advocacy and Community Partnerships:


We just completed a 6-day build in Pokhara, Nepal. Below is a picture of our Family and the home we built for Mahdu and her husband. It was taken at today’s house dedication.

Mahdu is the young woman in red next to Cheryl Perkey, our board Member. To Mahdu’s right is her mother in law, her mother (in pink) in next and her father is kneeling in front. Mahdu’s father in law is the taller man standing next to Steve’s wife, Beth. The young man in the orange t-shirt is Dahn. He is a student volunteer from Nepal. In the white t-shirt standing between Mark and me is Dalip. He is a local volunteer. Both Dahn and Dalip spent the entire week with us and they did an amazing job. Not pictured is my husband, Jess. He was our photographer.

Mark did an outstanding job as our House Leader, as well as Steve. The entire group worked very hard, every day, in the hot humid weather—but it was well worth it. Our Nepalese family is wonderful and so appreciative.

Lastly, thank you. You can be proud of the hard work you do, every day, to provide homes for those in need, like Mahdu and her husband.

Mahdu’s husband in not in the photo below because he is in Saudi Arabia working to earn money for his family. He will be home in two years and she can’t wait to show him their new home.

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